Blushing Over Business Casual

Haaaappy Halloween, lovelies! Anyone else ready to trade all this orange and black for some red and green?? We’re cooking out and strapping in for a scary movie marathon with some friends, and that’s about as festive as we decided to get this year.

In other, more exciting news, I have finally gotten around to styling my oh-so-chic velvet loafers from Chase & Chloe! When I say these are a staple that every woman needs in her closet this season, I mean it wholeheartedly. The golden heal is honestly just the perfect pop of feminine that acts as the cherry on top of this wonderful shoe-sundae. 

Now let’s talk about high-waisted slacks for a moment. I know denim is all the rage currently, but I think high waisted slacks never go out of style, and are ultra flattering on every. single. body type. The ones I’m wearing are no exception! I love when I find a good pair of high-waisted slacks that are, you know...actually high-waisted. Sometimes the term is loosely thrown around and mistaken for just-above-mid-rise. Which we all know serves no purpose! These beauties tuck everything in, elongate the legs, and make you feel like a million bucks in the process. I’ve linked them below!  

Last but not least...did anyone painstakingly notice the obvious arm candy I’m showing off?? My Kate Spade watch decided to go kaput after three glorious years of companionship on my wrist. Luckily, the team at Daniel Wellington (one of my absolute favorite brands) plucked me from my misery with this beautiful watch and bracelet set! I am completely heart eyes over this watch. I am wearing the Classic Petit Melrose (32 mm) in Rose Gold. I love DW’s watch designs because the faces are so clean, simple, and elegant, and they have such a wide variety of bands to choose from. Personally, I love the stainless steel option, since leather wears down too quickly and chains tend to pinch my skin (no thank you!). Head on over to Daniel Wellington’s site to receive 15% off your next purchase with the code: OBVIOUSLYOLIVE

Keep scrolling to see more styled pics and links to buy! 


Watch: Daniel Wellington  | Slacks and Overcoat: H&M  | Loafers: Chase & Chloe   


That’s all for now! Until next time, cheers!