Honeymoon Packing List and Travel Essentials


Hello all! Wow, 11 days until the big day and 13 days until we leave for a fun adventure! I haven’t shared where we’re going just yet, but maybe some of these pieces I purchased will give you a helpful hint. I’ll go ahead and  dive right in for y’all…I ordered most everything from Shein because it’s one of my favorite online retailers. The clothes are cheap but relatively good quality and I always end up with a massive haul of goodies! Simply click on each item that rouses your interest and it will take you directly to the site!

As for my travel essentials, I’ve included a concise list of what I find most useful when traveling!

1. A handheld steam cleaner. It may take up a smidge of room, but it is SO worth it. After hours of traveling, the last thing we want to do upon arrival at our destination is iron out all the pesky wrinkles that have formed on our fabrics. A steam cleaner is a much more efficient option to simply steam and go—no waiting for an iron (if your lodging even has one!) to heat up.   

2. Hydrating spray. Skin naturally dulls when we travel. Whether it’s due to the early hours, late drives, or altitude of the airplane, our skin inevitably falls prey to a bit of damage. Give your skin a little TLC by carrying a hydrating spray to mist on your face for an easy refresher that energizes you and gives you a glow!

3. Portable charger. I’m constantly on my phone when traveling—it’s a great time to catch up on emails, browse Pinterest, etc. There aren’t always outlets available (especially on the plane or in the car) and I use a portable charger religiously when traveling. I never have to worry about hitting 10% just as I need to make an important call or check on my flight details. So many important aspects of our lives and schedules are increasingly becoming tethered to our devices, so this is a must have for essentially any situation!  

Happy shopping and hopefully this gives you some inspo to freshen your summer wardrobe or just treat yourself! If you have any questions about sizing or product info, simply reach out to me via the “Contact” tab at the top <3