Shopping with Shein: Tips and Tricks to Get the Most for Your Money

So thrilled to finally be writing this post for y’all today! How I shop with Shein is a frequent question I get asked a lot from you guys on Instagram: What is the sizing like? Is the quality good? How is the shipping turnaround? Exactly how do you navigate all that stuff? Hopefully I’ll be able to condense the top questions I’ve received into this post and help y’all navigate this particular online shopping a little easier!

So, let’s crack straight on!

The very first thing I want to note is that this post is in no way sponsored by Shein.

With that being said, I shop with Shein a lot—It’s the best way to transform your wardrobe from season to season without crippling your wallet. I would say I probably place a major (major being 10+ items) order with Shein about 3 or 4 times a year, depending on what items I have left over from the previous year.

I try to stick with buying a mixture of staple items and items that are on trend, a dupe of a more expensive item, or something that is just plain fun! Many people like to splurge a bit more on their staple items: a trench coat, a pair of nude heels, a leather jacket, or a shoulder bag for example. Understandably so, these are the items you’re literally going to wear out with as much use as they’re bound to get—they need to be impeccably made and built to last.

However, I’ve purchased many staple items for my closet from Shein (a trench coat and a shoulder bag for example) that have held up beautifully throughout the years, plus were a fraction of the cost. Below, I’m going to outline my best practices for finding those quality items amid the sea of clothing that inundates you on Shein’s site.

1.   Shop for a purpose, not for passing the time.

Trust me, Shein is one of those online shopping sites where it’s easy to get sucked in by the sheer volume. However, I have found that my trips to their website are so much more effective and rewarding (quality-wise) when I really know what I’m on the hunt for—whether that’s fall sweaters, basic tees, wedding guest dress options, etc. Typically, I search directly for those items and browse from there.


2.   Know your body measurements and utilize the sizing references.

Shein sizing can range from XS-XL to one size only. They also sell out of certain sizes really quickly, so you have to act fast. The most important things to measure are your shoulders (end to end), your waist and hips, and your arm length (which will be denoted as sleeve length). I use these measurements especially when shopping for sweaters on Shein. For example, my shoulder length is 15 inches. If I am interested in a top in my normal size small and I click on the sizing reference, it may show me that the shoulder seam for that top in size small is 14 inches, versus 15.5 inches in a medium. In that case, I would go ahead and size up to avoid an uncomfortable fit. Some sweaters may look oversized in the images provided, so just always make sure to check the measurements given—it’s not abnormal to have to size up!


3.   Read product reviews religiously!

I can’t stress product reviews enough—bonus points if someone has provided a mirror selfie of them wearing the item! More often than not, the reviews are very helpful in determining if something fit true to size, ran small/large, or wasn’t a quality material. However, the amount of times I see something rated “exceptional or amazing quality” versus “not as pictured” is staggeringly 10:1! Contrary to popular belief, most items I’ve found and purchased from Shein have been amazing quality for the price, so don’t let the foreign manufacturing scare you off. Read the reviews with a grain of salt though—some items may not be suited to certain body types, or may have been purchased too small or too large to begin with.


4.   Materials and Cuts to Avoid

Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem, and a really amazing looking handbag/dress/top is in fact made of material that not only is cheap, but looks it. It can be hard to tell, but if you look closely and the hem of a blouse seems very sharp instead of neatly sewn, that’s a red flag right there. Use caution with polyester material—obviously it’s hard to avoid with affordable fashion, but sometimes its frugality can be glaringly obvious. Another word of caution: be careful with the washing and drying process with clothes of this material! I recommend washing in cold water on a delicate rinse cycle, and air drying instead of throwing it in the dryer.


Affordable fashion hauls are a great way to refresh your wardrobe or mix up your everyday look. Of course, it’s easy to get sucked into online shopping whether it’s Shein, Amazon, you name it! If you’re raking in new clothing items regularly, consider donating any gently used items from previous seasons to those in need. Lastly, if you have any other questions about shopping with Shein, shoot me a DM on Instagram or drop a comment below! I hope this little guide helped answer a few questions for y’all. Thanks for reading, we’ll chat again soon!

Below I’ve linked some of my recent Shein finds that made their way into my massive Fall Haul Try On. I will receive a teeny, tiny commission if you buy any of these products from clicking on the link, so if you don’t want to support my flowering side hustle, please: exit now!!!! However, if you want to give Shein a try, or already love it and feel like supporting ya girl….by all means, shop away below! :)

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